Sunday, October 21, 2007

i need your help!!
the following movies are missing from our library...if i have loaned them to you and simply don't remember doing so, would you let me know so i can not worry about them. thanks!

because i said so
gone in 60 seconds
last of the mohicans
national treasure
the saint

thanks again...signed, feeling a little paranoid


KeLs-a-BeLs said... posts for Jenny!!! lol. Saturday was just full of awesome coincidences. Such a neat day and awesome experience! Thank you so much for coming to the sealing. It means soo much!! It was good to see ya guys there when we walked into the sealing room. AND then seeing you at the reception. We don't get much time to catch up with aunts and uncles and cousins...especially on my side of the family. We are thinking about moving back to mesa soon, though, so maybe and hopefully that will change. Well, how is everyone doing?? I haven't seen any of you or your children, except austin, for a long time!! It seems like everyone has grown up so fast! Well, i am addicted to Bella and Edward. I swear, that is all i talk about, and i cannot wait for the next book. yay!! well, congrats on having another grand baby!! that is sooo exciting. I hope i can see her soon!! Is laura doing good? according to pain at all?!? lol..i hope i get as lucky as laura with such little pain and being able to just pop the baby out with no effort!! well....hope you have a great week!!! and thank you again for coming!!!

angieinpink said...

I don't so much have any of these movies...but if you find them, can I borrow the Saint. K, not really...but I LOVE that movie!! Brings back fond memories of me being obsessed with Val Kilmer. Like, a lot.

Laura Blue said...

mom, you are too cute! i love it! just wanted to say... thank you so much for being so supportive in everything that has been going on. you truely are the greatest mother and i only wish you knew how much i love you. sorry i don't always tell you or show you. but i truely am thankful for all that you do. i'm going to miss you when we move to utah, but i really think this is something that our family needs to do. until then... i hope to spend as much time possible with you. i love you mom!

Jenn said...

Those are some good movies- I don't have any though- sorry!

Miss ya tons!!!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Aaw.... Lala's comment. Tear.

I am going to miss them. But if/when we go, I am going to miss YOU even more.

The only solution to this problem:
The Packards move to Utah as well!
Yep, sounds good to me :0)

But in all seriousness. We love you as well. We all love you. And your children think SO very highly of you. You deserve SO much mom. And I am very very grateful for having YOU as MY mom. You rock!

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

Jenny thanks for the nice birthday gift. You are amazing to always remember! I love your Christmas card too. What an amazing woman you are!

Jenn said...

are you ever coming back here???

Laura Blue said...

yeah there chica... miss you and just wanted to say hi. it's been lots of fun being with you so much these past few weeks. sorry for taking over your house and hanging around ALL THE TIME! but i know you dont mind too much. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you have done. we love you and appreciate all your help. merry christmas mommy

ForeverSarahLee said...

Yeah yeah yeah...

I would've liked to see a new post when I visited your page.

Let down...
Lol! :0)

ForeverSarahLee said...

P.S. The Saint is NO LONGER missing... I returned it silly.

Update this MIA list please. Lol!