Saturday, October 20, 2007

well, we did it! or should i say, laura did it. laura and blue gave birth to a beautiful little girl, tuesday morning. being a homebirth junkie myself, i was ready to be very judgemental of everything and everyone involved in this hospital birth. ya know, i just thought laura knew better than to even consider the hospital thang! so i waited and i watched for them to do anything too intrusive, so i would have an excuse to cause a scene and say, "no way! you are NOT doing that to MY daughter!" but i have to admit, the doctor and staff were so kind and gentle and helpful, that i never had a reason to make a fool of myself. (ok, i know you are thinking, "since when did she need an excuse") and they were so family friendly...jake and tanya even got to bring little kaiti right on questions, no problems! and then daddy (that would be richard) brought panda express for everyone and we had a party right there in the hospital room.
wednesday we got to bring laura and the baby home to our house while blue went to utah for his sister's funeral. a very sad story...go to laura's blog to get more details. we loved hearing little baby noises from the other room! and i must say, it was hard to let them go back home today. but i am glad that their new little family can finally be together and start bonding and growing even more in love with one another!
i am starting to panic that christmas seems to be right around the corner. i have several projects in my head, but i haven't actually started any of them. and frankly, it's getting a little crowded in there! LOL
i wanted to print baby pics tonight and spent two hours looking for them on the laptop...couldn't find them anywhere. so i came to richard's computer for that same reason and ended up blog stalking for another two hours. alas...still no actual photos of grandbaby numero dos. i have the worst luck with anything electronic! don't even get me started on how retarded i am with cell phones! (perhaps that's the secret reason i don't have one, eh?)
i am loving the cooler weather and need to remember to take my jacket with me everywhere i go now. that's right...i get cold very easily! i wear slippers year-round and even have to wear a jacket around my house at least five months out of the year! you'd think with all this padding i would be able to stay warm, but not so.
have a great weekend! keep blogging! and take care of you!


Marie said...

I think you are amazing/crazy. I don't know how you had all of your babies at home.My hats off to you! I so glad Laura had a good child birth experience (as good as they can be, I guess).
Cambria is lucky to have such a good grandma!

The Evans Family said...

I've been waiting to see more pictures of that cute baby on ANY of your blogs.

Jenn said...

Congrats again ya grandma! I am so glad everything went perfect at the hospital (for Laura's sake) I can only imagine if you would have had a chance to say something! haha- How's mr. fedex?
Oh- I LOVE the coldness outside too- absolutely beautiful!

miller care(y)t tops said...

what an adorable grandbaby!!! and how nice that you got them all to yourself for alittle while! i had totally forgotten you giving birth at home- yikes! i serisouly can't imagine that, so it's funny to hear your opinion of hospitals and maybe why you had all at home.

anyways...have fun with grandbaby #2! soooooo fun!!