Thursday, January 10, 2008

are you sitting down?
i'm b-a-a-a-ck!
i was very busy getting ready for christmas...absolutely love it!!
if money were not an issue (yeah right), i could just keep on buying gifts for everyone. but then, suddenly, it's all over. the tree is down. the lights are put away. the kids have all brought their stockings back. all the good candy is gone! but that's ok. we played games, ate great food, stayed up late, had a good time! it's all good.
since then, life has been pretty much the same old.
i am babysitting cambria tonight while laura works and blue is home sick. we have all been passing around various forms of icky-sicky. hopefully we will ALL be over it soon.
have a great night...drop me a line.
i promise to post again sometime before easter!


Laura Blue said...

you think you'll be able to post again before easter?! good luck! lol just kidding. thanks fo watching cambria, sounds like she was good for ya. you can do it anytime! sorry that you're sick. i hope you feel better soon and it gets away from this house. love you mom and thanks again for sitting

Jenn said...

thank heavens you are back! missed ya!

BeckYGuRR said...

allright, rules of blogging--when you don't post FOREVER, the next post you do has to be looong and include photos!!! j/k. atleast ya did this much LOL. see ya!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Totally. All that you said in the comment... Do that. Lol!

I wanna look into a nice cake.
I'll need to start shopping for a dress. Prom like, no fancy shmancy wedding kind.

And where to have it?

I just think your church building is too plain. Aunt Cindy's, but that's so already been done (and the Barton's are down the street).
I'm stumped as to where? Could I call up any church and ask them? Say maybe the building on Lindsay and Southern, or the new one off Crismon and Southern? Or should I just ask to use OUR building out here?

ForeverSarahLee said...

I know... Pics and a SUPER long blog next time is a MUST GrandmaG. Lol!

I miss you. It's gonna be a long and lonely weekend over here on this side of town. Haha! Ok, not that bad. The Blues are gonna come to the boy's party tomorrow and then we'll probably do a movie afterwards. "Cloverfield" You two wanna come with?

Oh, also... Ask Austin if he wants to come out with the Blues for the party, and obviously the movie after too?!?

angieinpink said...

Before Easter...I'm holdin' ya to it!

Cute hair the other day...and thank you so much for comin' all the way down to the store to get that kit. You are too sweet & too nice to me. I just love ya. And I hope you are feeling better.

Heart, Ang

miller care(y)t tops said...

your posts crack me up- literally! not that you're super funny, but they're super sporatic! :) & i 2nd the comment bec made to you- LOL! i ♥ ed your family newsletter and finally getting to see some pics of your fun trip to italy!!! sooooooo neat! and i'm sooooo jealous!!! :) and of course, your cards were super cute that you sent. love love love them!

sandalloons40 said...

You are so funny! I am so glad you posted as miss ya. I surely enjoyed your class today, samplin!
that is so fun and I look forward to now eventually here, taking your class. I will have to find a days one, as now working graveyard, I can't stay up late anymore!

Your grand daughter Cambia is so sweet and adorable. You are a very lucky grandma.
I hope everyone in your family continues to be happy and healthy!
Until next time and please sooner then later!