Saturday, May 30, 2009

it's a boy!
we are now the proud
grandparents of three
beautiful little angels...two girls and a boy.
i was lucky enough to fly to utah thursday night to be here
when laura and blue had their second baby.
little ryder was born friday, right after noon...19"...7 lb, 2 oz.
the doctor was only here for maybe 10 minutes!
the baby was already crowning and it only took
one push to get him here.
then he proceeded to pee on the doctor twice
and on phil once! good one simba!
cambria loves her new little brother...calls him "mine".
loves to kiss him and pet his hair.
what a terrific big sister she will be.

we are getting tired of our long commute

and want to move back to mesa...closer to

everyone and everything we love!

plus, why are we paying twice as much

for rent as we could be paying to own our own home?

so when i get back, i will start trying

to get a loan and find us a house to buy.

wish me luck. life is great!

vita bella!


Cняιsτιηε said...

YAAAAY!!! Congrats Grandma!!

I can't wait to see the little guy!! :)

mamamuniz said...

Aw, Jenny, congrats! The first boy grandbaby, and how nice you could be there!

Elaine said...

How fun to have a little grandson! Congratualtions! I hope you can get a home soon too. Good Luck!

sandalloons40 said...

oh wow! YIPPEE!!! I have been looking at her blog and looking at her blog wondering and waiting!
just like a grandma. I was thinking you were going after all. that is neat. Are you home yet?
Great Jenny!
And yes QC is cheaper per say but, I don't like the drive, gas$$$ and all. that is why we never moved there.
My sis loves the country life though.

Ok, I wish you luck!
Can't wait to see photos of the baby!

mademoisellechitchat said...


I have an outstanding realtor for you - Debbie Hill with the Keller-Williams (Debbie Hill Team). She is WONDERFUL and HONEST!!!!

Good luck!

careyttops or Leesie Lou said...

Yay!!! A baby boy!! Congrats gramma jenny!!

and good luck with the house hunt!
i feel for you (with the moving twice thing in 1 year- it's the pits!!!!)

oh, and your post about wicked was quite passionate! that's all i want for my bday- a ticket to see wicked! ;) i so wish you would've not read those first four chapters, because i bet you would've loved it!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Congrats to you and your family!

I received your message. Of course, you can get the # that way. Call me. I will gladly share any information that I can with you.

She is the BEST, Jenny. If I had to do it all over again, I would still go w/her.

Love ya!

sandalloons44 said...

Happy, Happiest of Birthdays to you Jenny lady friend of mine!
make it a great Day!!!!

Jessie-Boop said...

I love you too! You should update yours...