Saturday, February 21, 2009

we are getting ready for
cody and krystal's wedding...
just two weeks from today!
now that we live in b-bfe
( beyond-beyond freakin' egypt),
saturdays are the only day for running errands...
and that just doesn't give us much time
most of the time.
we are happy to have krystal
joining our dysfunctional family
...she's great.
all of our sons and daughters-in-law are great!
we love them all so much!
they have each been such a great "other half"
to our own children, that we just feel like
they have been ours all along!
wish us luck.
welcome to the family krystal!


Lori said...

got the announcement today. I can't believe how many hours you must put in to making all those adorable invitations! So cute! CUTE cuTE couple too! Congrats!

sandalloons44 said...
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sandalloons44 said...

now for better grammer. LOL
Wow, that is so great! So does Laura get to come home again?

So, now only 3 singles as three are almost married then right?

Come on Sarah, find that man!

I am trying to help her out! :)
good luck Jenny and family!
Hope you get many, many grandkids

careyttops or Leesie Lou said...

the announcements are so adorable...of course! i think i have all your cards saved up for creative inspiration!! i'm happy for the married couple!

as for wicked= DO NOT READ THE BOOK!!!!! you didn't get that message, huh???? everyone I have talked to says that...i have one friend who's seen it at least 4, maybe 5 times and has taken her 2 daughters (ages 9 & 6) to see it 2 times...they are seriously obsessed with the play and she says it's by far the best play.
I can't wait to see it!!
sorry the book tainted things for ya!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Oh Michelle Michelle, I have found that man. Haven't even had the chance to blog about him, but I will.