Friday, December 26, 2008

well, we did it.
we got evicted (landlord lost the house), found a house, moved, unpacked, put up the christmas tree, and enjoyed a wonderful christmas day
with family and loved ones.
we now live in queen creek...halfway to florence! lots of car time, but otherwise, nearly perfect.
we have plenty of room for all the kids and all our crap!
we dug through boxes that had been in the attic for 10 years!
no joke! and i would think, "heck, if i haven't needed this thing in ten years do i really need it now?" so much dust and mouse pee mixed with the memories. but we took a bunch of it to the dump, and a bunch of it to DI, and are trying to find a home for the rest. not a lot of storage in the new house,
but are box at a time!
laura and blue are here and we are loving the chance to bond with cami.
what a treat to have her in living color!
we were awakened this morning by another frantic call from krystal,
our almost daughter-in-law. these 6:oo phone calls are never good
and really need to stop!
anyway...cody and his friend were on their way to go snowboarding and hit a slick spot in the road. cody over corrected and ended up rolling his truck! the truck was totaled. daniel was fine. cody was taken by ambulance (he refused to get in a helicopter!) to scottsdale-osborn hospital to be treated for head trauma. his cat scans were clear and they stitched him back together.
we had a family prayer and grabbed the consecrated oil,
before heading to the hospital. but by the time we got there, he was getting dressed (in borrowed clothes, because they had literally cut his off of him!) and being released. he will be sore for a few days and have some funky scars to tell his grandkids about, but otherwise, he is fine.
in fact, he is in the family room playing rockband!
i am grateful for the priesthood and the power of prayer.
i am grateful for family and friends.
i am grateful that we are able to provide for our family.
i love the gospel of jesus christ.
i love the whole freakin' world (well, almost).
i hope you all had a fabulous christmas!
life is good!


Fessler Family said...

Leave it to the Packards to have something going on! I'm glad Cody is okay! We miss you guys! I'm glad that you like the new place...but I bet the ward isn't as good...well it probably is, we just miss you! I hope you guys had a merry Christmas!

sandalloons44 said...

wow, that is one close call but, the Good Lord is looking after all of us and especially you all, and your son? Was that your son in the roll over and in the hospital?
I never met him. Ok well no more work, no more harkins. I shall tell you what happened to me in the store sometime. hey Genny, I left some cards tied in a JcPenny's bad on the work door ok?
I sure hope someone found them.
take care and stay safe. Send up some photos of your new casa on your blog.
Never got to see Laura. Boo Hoo.
Sure miss her.

Jenn said...

So glad Cody is ok- Love you!!! We need another girls night soon.

careyttops or Leesie Lou said...


i'm relieved to know that he watched over and protected!

it's always been the fam joke that if someone is gonna get stitched up or break something it's gonna be a packard! soooooo...looks like you're just keeping your game real!

love ya guys!!! and glad that the move went well & christmas was nice in the new place.

angieinpink said...

omg...i've got chills. so glad he's okay.

and so glad you're postin'.

[love ya, jennifer!]


Bruce said...

I'm glad you do "really have time for this" posting stuff. I don't read blogs very frequently but I'm glad I get to know a little about your lives these days.

I'll repent and call to find out more.

Love you guys.



Whew! What a post. You make me laugh how you write. I can so see you telling the stories. Glad Cody is ok. Glad you are getting settled in your new house. Glad you like it. Glad you found some treasures amongst the mouse pee. Glad you had a good Christmas. Glad you were able to spend time with Phil, Laura, and Cami. Glad Bunko is coming up. Glad life is good. Love ya Jenny.

sandalloons44 said...

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