Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am: embarrassed about my weight
I want: to build my house
I have: been to italy!
I dislike: pickles, onions and mustard
I miss: playing games with the blues
I fear: i will NEVER get to build my house and live ANYWHERE but where i live now
I feel: worried about the future
I hear: clark kent TOTALLY making out with some chick
I smell: bbq meatballs
I crave: to eat anything i want and still be a size 6
I cry: all the time...i'm a total boob!
I usually: get out of bed when the alarm goes off and then lay down on the couch for another 30 minutes!
I regret: letting my big mouth get me into trouble
I search: for time to do all the fun things i WANT and still get done all the things i MUST
I wonder: if good people will vote and make sure the best man wins
I love: my car!
I care: what my house looks like (cute, clean, tidy...)
I always: eat chocolate while i scrapbook/design/create
I worry: my husband will die before he builds me my house!
I am not: skinny
I remember: losing the spelling bee in 6th grade...i will NEVER mispell the word "restaurant"!
I believe: you should always tell the people you love that you love them...don't assume they know!
I dance: by myself, because my husband won't dance with me
I sing: whenever i feel like it! singing is a soul's greatest expression...don't even think about telling me to stop!
I don't always: like obeying the rules...if it is a stupid rule, i WILL find a way to bend it...not break it, just tweak it a little!
I argue: often...but i CAN/DO admit when i am wrong
I write: in print and usually all lower case...i don't like my handwriting much and my cursive is even worse!
I win: when my kids feel safe enough to talk to me about their hopes, fears, accomplishments, dreams...
I lose: too much time playing spider instead of doing "more important" things
I wish: i was decorating my new house
I listen: to many kinds of music...especially songs you can sing along with
I don't understand: how the government can ask the working class poor to pay for the greed of the spoiled middle class...they made their beds, now let them sleep in them!
I can usually be found: reading, watching a movie, scrapbooking, or folding laundry
I watch: movies that make me laugh or make me cry...and if they are really good, i watch them over and over
I need: to have more confidence in my own creative ideas and not rely on others so much
I forget: to be grateful for what i DO have, instead of worrying about what i don't have
I am happy: to be going on my first business trip! i feel like such a grown-up!!!

there you have it...a little more than you probably wanted to know!
i tag: jenn, julie, amy t


Laura Blue said...

yay, i love when you post. it makes me so very happy! i miss playing games with you too. i also can't wait for you to get here in just a few short days. and yes you are going to freeze, so bring some warm clothes. it's not supposed to get over 40 on sunday and will probably snow. i'm so excited. did you get my e-mail? hope you had a great week. loved the post, do it more often. love you mom. see you soon!

Julie said...

that was fun! I am working on my response :)

Jenn said...

shut up! where are you going??? and I will do this... ackk! Why do you have to tag me??? And you have music now? I miss Italy... when are we getting together?

ForeverSarahLee said...

Thanks for letting ME know that you posted my tag. Brat!

Anyhow, I enjoy reading about you. Getting to know just that many more of your thoughts makes me happy.

And yes, heed the prophet's counsel. We should all practice a little more GRATITUDE in our lives. Lol!

I especially like how you worded the "I don't understand" answer. If I handled my finances poorly & my bank account was struggling, what RIGHT do I have to force my neighbor to "bail" me out? None.

I thought life was about choice and accountability. Accepting and handling the consequences of one's OWN actions. Stupid greedy money hungry jerks. Credit is such an addiction to some. If ya can't pay for it THEN, then maybe you shouldn't have it. Or save and earn it, like in the old days. Geez!

Braydens Blog said...
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Braydens Blog said...

SOrry I deleted my last post something happened. Anyways Thanks for the comment. It is good to see him FINALLY growing and turning into a healthy toddler. He has came along way. I will tell Tanya for SURE lol. Keep in touch

ForeverSarahLee said...

Oh I know. Dez had the survey posted on her bulletin. And that's exaclt why I didn't answer the dad's middle name business. What a weird ?, especially after asking about my mula. Lol!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend all this time w/you as well. The little chit chats we have, the movie quoting, the movie watching, the laughing, sharing "chocolate moments" together. Lol! I love it all! And I love you too! :o)

I'm SO excited for Twilight!

Jenn said...

Did you see I did it??? And... I'm sooooo EXCITED for Twilight too!

careyttops or Leesie Lou said...

1. i enjoyed this post.
you really opened a part of yourself to us & allowed us to understand a little of what you hope for and fear. i have to say that i fear and hope for the same things. i really just want a dream house, but in the end, i feel like i need to be more grateful for even having a home right now (even if it is too small, too plain, too....) and i really want my dream house so i can decorate it exactly how i want it!!!! i dream of just decorating.

2. for now- count me out on twilight {insert tears}
you guys would be so fun to go with, but i will prob. be stuck in a car, reeking of dirty diaper, listening to high school musical dvd while we venture our way "home". if my plans change i will notify you asap. i'll have to talk my sisters into going with me on sat. night!

lots of hugs!

Laura Blue said...

sorry that the videos make you sad. i'd rather you get to see them than not know what's going on and miss out on everything completely. i'm actually very excited that you guys are getting evicted...sounds wierd, but i am. i think this is what you guys need to get out of that house and get dad motivated. i hope you can find something affordable and one that you like. we are looking forward to christmas very much! as far as skyline being 20 minutes away... you can't worry about that. you have to do what's going to be best for you guys and then the kids will have to just deal with it. good luck. can't wait to see the house. hope you're doing well. love you and miss you tons!

Braydens Blog said...

Hey Jenny check out my blog I posted pics of Kaiti in her costume for you!! TTYL Shanna

Elaine said...

Jenny are you okay? I haven't heard about you for ages except that you had to move. Do you like your new house? I hope things are working out well for you. What a crazy time to have to move! I am looking forward to Christmas and hoping we get to see you sometime and maybe catch up on everything.

ForeverSarahLee said...

And I friggin' LOVE the new bed. Sat on the end of it the other night... It's the perfect bed. SUPER cuute. Good job Mom! :o)

(And yes, that's scary... Weirdo!)