Monday, July 07, 2008 they are...the much
anticipated pics of this month's
shabby scrappin'!

do i have your attention yet?

these are just a few of the pages,

meant to tease and tempt even

the strongest of scrappers!

if you want in, call

scrapbooks,etc at 854-2303

and sign up today!

hope to see you there!


Laura Blue said...

yay! that is SO cute! honestly mom... i LOVE it! wish i could be there to attend. i hope you get as many people signed up for it as you'd like. way cute! thanks for the pics... i'm going to post it on my blog as well. i hope that's ok

Laura Blue said...
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Laura Blue said...
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Laura Blue said...
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Laura Blue said...

sorry that was me with all the deleted comments. it said it didn't post the comment, but i guess it really did. anyway, no i wasn't serious about the hawk... just wondering if people were really reading it and what they would say about it. i think i'm just going to keep it how i have had it lately. about the food... she has just been extra grumpy and she really just won't eat anything... so i'm trying whatever we eat as well. maybe she just doesn't want it, but i have kinda given up on that. formula is good for now and whatever else she'll try at the moment. i don't know. she's sleeping threw the night, but now days are horrible. i dont know what was worse. anyway, i'll try to get another GOOD grumpy video up shorty. that's all for now. peace

Laura Blue said...

saw the house... love the house... good luck getting it. i hope it all works out. that would be awesome!

Jenn said...

The class is on Friday during the day??? I won't be able to take it! I definitely cannot wait for Italy. 2-1/2 months!!!
Glad I could bring back some fond memories for you. Alaska was fun. I will probably go back up next summer to see my dad. We'll catch up about that when I see you on the 18th. So excited you and Sarah are taking the altered connection class too! That will be fun. I miss you!!!! xoxoxox

sandalloons44 said...

it sold out!!!!!!
I can't get it. UGH :) I am ok really. thanks for sharing

Just a slight temper trantrum.

Maybe I ought to try icecream! LOL

shabbyscrapper said...

michelle, take a deep breath. MY class is not sold out...i promise. you must be thinking of another class.

but that's go right ahead and get ice cream, if that's what it takes! LOL

love ya!

miller care(y)t tops said...

loved reading these comments...i have so many "nosey" questions right now, but i will refrain! :)
that project is awesome- super cute! i'm proud to call you fam.!!

miller care(y)t tops said...

have you ever heard of mitch hedberg (sp?) the comedian? jon and i think he's so hilarious and i was just reading my comment and i used the word "refrain" and it reminded me of my fav. joke of his about the "defrain fam., table for 3"...about the restaurant and he thinks instead of skipping their name they should say "search party for defrains, table for 3"...have you ever heard that one? it's absolute hilarious!!

(ok, that was totally weird and random)

my nosey ?'s- you're moving? i'm assuming you're staying in az. are you? are you staying in the same ward?
we are actually renting a home's too expensive for us to buy right now. so, i feel your frustration right now with that!

talk to ya later! and watch that you tube clip so you know what i'm talking about...maybe you won't think i'm so crazy@!

miller care(y)t tops said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Love your creativity, spunkiness, fun personality!!!! You're super talented and inspiring!
Love you- have a great bday!!!

Lori said...

I love this album! I took a similar trip and would love to do an album like this. Any chance of doing a class on another day???? Since it seems I've missed this one already. :( And yes, I remember those sleepovers at my house too! fun times! You are now officially linked on my blog so I will check up on you from time to time as well. Just to be sure you are staying out of trouble...heh heh
Nice job again you talented woman!

angieinpink said...

Your album was awesome.

I need to go somewhere cool so I can make an album inspired by it's fabulousness.

You think of such awesome stuff.

Hope you had fun tonight...missed ya!

ForeverSarahLee said...

How did Laura get to see the house? I didn't... No fair! So, anymore news on it? Are we gonna do it, or no? I feel SO out of the loop since I moved out. I hate it!