Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's that time again!
shabby scrappin
tues, august 5
at 6:00 pm.
here is a sneak peek at the altered composition
book/day planner.
hurry...sign up today!
last chance!


Laura Blue said...

love love love it! i can't wait to post it on my blog. i hope you get a goos turn out. it's beautiful and fits your style perfect. too cute! i still use and love the one you made for me a few years ago. i'm going to be sad when i have no pages yet... then i'll come to you to make me a new one. love you mom.

Luci-lou said...

I so wish I could go! One of these days I"m going to make it down there to scrapbooks etc. I also really want to take a class you teach, because I love your stuff! I'm just a horrible scrapbooker, but you're amazing!

Christine said...

what is your e-mail so i can send you a blog invite...
PS: Way cool! I wish i would have thought of that when i was in high school. lol

ForeverSarahLee said...

Yes, he has. Big stinky Belle has been in it too, unfortunatly. Lol!
But we've laid there & talked, wrote together & almost read scriptures.

Hey mom, I hope you have a fantaastic day! :0) Some girls & I from work are gonna go get Costa Vida for lunch today. You wanna come maybe?

careyttops or Leesie Lou said...

love it! I wish I had just a fraction of your creativity!!

Laura Blue said...

this time next week and we'll be heading down there. yay!
1 week

angieinpink said...

i don't know if I told ya how much i love this...but i do. you are so talented, girl.

see you @ work tomorrow!

ForeverSarahLee said...

This weekend was FUN! I am glad we got to have the Blues here... And thanks for all you did. You rock mom!

I'll be home tomorrow... YAY! I say we commemorate the ocassion w/a girly late-night ritual movie?! See ya soon. LOVE YA! :o)