Tuesday, May 27, 2008

well...richard and austin are at scout camp, cody is at the mall, sarah is talking on the phone, and jessica is babysitting. so...
i finally get a turn on the computer!!
i should totally be printing teasers for my june class, but i can't resist the opportunity to sneak a blog peek.

yesterday, sarah and i both had the day off, so we spent the afternoon at my brother reed's, with a bunch of the family, eating and playing games. then we picked up jessica (she had been quadding with her friend), and headed for the movies. we saw "ironman". terrific movie, by the way. and i must take this opportunity to say that
robert downey jr is STILL freakin' hot!!
then we headed to mervyn's to take advantage of their memorial day sale...all swimwear 55% off, with an additional 15% off if you used your mervyn's charge card. hey, i can do that!! so, at 70% off, we saved WAY more than we spent! then we made a stop at chicago grill for a bite of dinner. then it was home to watch a dvd...first one since the big tv died in january! richard hooked up sarah's ps3 to the bedroom tv before he left for camp! yeah! we watched "just like heaven". awww!! tear! love that movie. love mark ruffalo.

tonight we are going to drag two card tables into the bedroom and try to scrap while we watch another movie. any suggestions?

while i'm here, i might as well do a
random "tag" thingy.

1. i love photography. wish i could take better pictures. my dream job would be having a studio set up in my garage where i could do photo shoots to my little heart's content.

2. i love chocolate. but not chocolate pudding, and not chocolate ice cream.

3. i love movies. i know what you are thinking...you are thinking, "really? i never would have guessed". i am practically obsessed with them. i live my life in a movie dream world. re-living and quoting scenes from my favorite movies all day long. i think it must mean my own life isn't exciting enough. quite sad actually!

4. i love to read. as i read a good book, i play it out in my head as if i were watching a movie. i know...another shocker...refer to #3.

5. i hate cats. those of you close enough to me will know why i must humbly leave it at that and say no more on the subject!

6. i love my car. it is so stinkin cute and so totally amazing to drive. i can go anywhere and do anything in my car. if i ever have the chance to buy another car, i will buy another trail blazer. it's that good.

7. i fall asleep in church. every week. doesn't matter how much (or how little) sleep i get the night before. it doesn't matter how interesting the talk/lesson is. it's just that when i stop moving, i'm done for. that's it. done. finished. kaput.

8. i like the colors red/black. i like the colors brown/pink. i do NOT care for yellow, or purple, or green, or orange.

9. i love my family. they make me smile. they make me cry. they make me laugh. they make me happy. they make me sad. they make me want to sing. they make me want to scream. i love my family!

so, there you are. i little peek into my head...a pretty scary place to be most of the time!

happy tuesday.

take care of you!
(a movie quote...what movie?)


Mi Piace said...

First comment--YEAH!!!

Well i'm so jealous of the party ya'll are having with the men gone and even MORE jealous of your visit's to "Reed's" house. I would LOVE to be there right now. But hey maybe you can stop on by again next weekend when i'm there!!!???

Hmm.....where does Sarah get her Obsessiveness for movies come from????lol

Oh and that mervyn's sale....sounds like my dream sale! Wish I could've shopped there!]
Thanks for actually doing this tag. It was fun to read!

shabbyscrapper said...

you're welcome!
when exactly will you be in town? we will be in california until jun 7. but we would love to hook up while you are here...if the timing works out!

Laura Blue said...

ok, i LOVE it when you post. since it's not very often. i guess you're getting a little better. since it hasn't been 2 months since the last one. i want you to remind jessica that i'm STILL waiting to see that video of kaiti when she gets a sec. sounds like you guys had a super fun day yesterday. so so sad that i couldn't be there... trust me, i would have rather been there than here. i loved reading about your favorties... although i knew them all, it was still fun to read. i miss you so very much. i hope you know that... I truly do! we are so excited about cali and can't believe it's almost here. i don't know how it's going to be when it comes time to leave you guys again. i'm going to be so sad. i miss you mom. :( i miss having a friend to talk to. i miss playing games. i miss working with you. i miss your food! i miss your farts. :) i miss your smile. i miss your laugh. and EVERYTHING ELSE about you. i can't wait for 4 more days. i want to see you!!! love ya

shabbyscrapper said...

you miss my farts? what the....?

Jamie said...

Too funny! Is the quote from the movie Pretty Woman? I ♥ that Sarah has kept the PS3!!!

shabbyscrapper said...


ForeverSarahLee said...

I know Laura's gonna hate me for saying so, and I'm sorry (but it was your choice to leave)...

But even though I am hating the fact that I live at home again, I am really glad that I get to hang out with you (my wonderful mom) and the family ALL the time. I missed y'all SO much while I was gone, out of the picture, whatever...

I love that you are my best friend. Sometimes I feel I can be an annoyance, and for that I am always sorry. I wish I wasn't a burden. But I am also SO grateful for the strength that you possess & all that you give this family! I seriously hope that I'm somewhat as good as you, half the wife and half the mom that you are... You deserve so much happiness mom, and you need to know that we all love you with ALL of our hearts. Thank you!

ForeverSarahLee said...

...my my my

Read my comment & Laura's.
It must be an emotional time right now. Lol! Or just that time of the month. Funny!

P.S. I friggin' LOVE you Laura!

miller care(y)t tops said...

I'm so glad that you finally did the tag post!!! but I assumed it would take extra long, since you do have a standing record with that!!! :) (but we still love you!)

so, I've always been amazed by your movie quote talent, then I married Jon and realized he is obsessed with quoting movies- I just don't appreciate them, not like you would!

and I smiled over your attentiveness in church! I thought that was a priesthood duty- to fall asleep in church!? you're not about to let the guys have all the fun, are you!?

fun to read.
btw- have you read the twilight series???
have you read the new book from Stephanie Meyers- Host? I'd love to hear what you think!

sandalloons44 said...

welcome back Genny!
Hope you had a nice, relaxing time in Calfornia with your family!

becky said...

i love love love iron man [and rdj in it!}! (:

Elaine said...

Thanks for your comment about my dad. We do honor YOUR dad too. At our family reunion we did a little home evening on him and played a trivia game so the kids could all be sure and know about their grandpa. It was really fun and even Alan & Erik learned things they didn't know about their grandpa. You too have a very AWESOME dad! It would be fun to hear about your California trip and I have a juicy bit of gossip I'd love to share but I can't here. Hope you have a great day!

sandalloons44 said...

Jenny, I don't know if I am spelling yoru name right. I have some friends whom go by the "G" and not the "J". Ok, try this sometime and if you do, let me know as it is quite the yummiest.

I put in crushed ice also as i love loads of ice. Let me know if you try this ok?

The new breakfast beverage of choice...... Recipe from a new book called "Original Fast Foods." They advocate a plant-based diet (not vegetarian) with lots of recipes using fruits and veggies. It contains about 1 1/4 cup of apple juice (unsweetened) a handful of fresh pineapple, 1/2 banana, a palm full of raspberries-I've also used strawberries and a handful o fresh SPINACH. Then you have to blend This is supposed to be a mineral rich drink and it is actually really energizing.

shabbyscrapper said...

how did you know?
one of my favorite things to have for breakfast is a fruit smoothie. i use yogurt, fresh fruit (usually strawberries and/or peaches), a little sugar, a little fruit juice or milk, and some frozen fruit (usually mango or pineapple). then blend it and enjoy! not sure i am brave enough to try spinach, but you never know. maybe i will give it a try. thanks!

ForeverSarahLee said...

I freakin' hate you.


It's actually always scarey to write down and express what is going on inside. I know you might not believe that... But I get nervous talking about my feelings, my serious ones. And so if writing all that out loud about wanting to go to the temple wasn't hard enough... Friggin' you write that & I start balling. Then Elaine writes a sweet message and I cry some more. Damn period! :0)


You probably won't even get this comment because this post is so old you are probably done looking at the comments for it :0)
This was a way cute post and it was fun to learn new things about you. You are hilarious - I can see you as a movie freak. Too funny. It was really really good to be back at bunko the other night. I love you guys, all of you. (I sound like I don't get out much......pathetic)
Anyways, you better stalk my blog because I have every intention of stalking yours! HA! I love looking at Laura's and now Sarah's and your comments on Laura's crack me up. You are hilarious. Have a great day Jenny! Tara