Sunday, September 09, 2007

no worries...y'all can go back to what you were doing! i found a copy of eclipse!!! not at borders, not at costco, not at wal-mart, but the last copy at good ol' target. yeah for target! i heart target! woot woot!
i was finally caught up on some other obligations and went on a quest...i did not rest until i found numero trois in the bella/edward drama. can i just say that i am in love! very soon i will re-read the entire trilogy!
we went camping over the labor day long weekend and it was divine. my whole family was there...all my children, their spouses, and even the little grandbebe! she was such a trooper. she loved the fire...couldn't stop staring at it as if she had never seen anything so fascinating in all her short little life...oh wait, she probably hasn't!
we read, played texas hold 'em, jumped on the trampoline, made s'mores, played horseshoes, shot guns, sunbathed, and just had the very best of times! we stayed mostly dry. a wicked storm blew through camp sunday night right after we had all gone to bed. scared the bajeebers out of me! we had to run out in the rain in our jammies to pick up tents and canopies and tie them down, and put out the fire so the sparks didn't burn down what is left of the forest. back in my tent, all i could think was "i hope all my kids are safe and stay dry...and i this how edward and bella felt? "
then i turned right around and "left town" for three more days to work at creative escape in phoenix. wow! such a lot of work to pull off something like that, but also so much fun. i was glad to be a part of it. sarah was a volunteer, so i got to spend a little time with her...a very little time. but we were bunk buddies, so at least i got to spoon with her every night! i love going away, but i always love coming back home more!


KeLs-a-BeLs said...

wow....sounds like soooo much fun!!! the camping and the creative escape... I ♥ scrapbooking. My favorite person right now is Elsie Flannigan....I ♥ her stuff and weirdness. It is awesome. well, how did the creative escape go??i bet it was fun....maybe not sooo much for you. what did you get to do??did you teach a class thing?? or what??

Laura Blue said...

ok, i don't relate with the whole book stuff... but besides that i am totally down. camping was so nice having the WHOLE family there. and CE was probably fun, but the store was CRAZY! Can't wait for your #2 grandbabe to get here. what fun our little excursions will be then?! yay! anyway, missed you at work the last couple of days... glad you all will be back. i love you mom!

miller care(y)t tops said...

oh....i heartily heart target too!!!! my girls share my excitment for the place- no big surprise, eh...when you live in twin falls it's about as exciting of a place as this place offers!

and i really want to start this series with eclipse...the 1st book's called twilight? i'm really curious now. but i'm worried bout the whole vampire thing- can it really be that great!?
i guess if you're wanting to reread the entire set again it can't be too lame!

catch you on the flip flop! :) LOL

angieinpink said...

spoon? hahahahahaha! glad you had a rockin' time @ ce...especially because i've seen all the boxes/work waiting for you @ the store! lol. jk, you'll knock it out in no time! you are the cutest girl...just thought i'd remind you. glad you had fun camping!

Jenn said...

i heart you

Jace & Erin said...

Yes, I finished Eclipse and loved them too! Too bad we have to wait so long for number 4 to come out. Boo! Love ya too! Let's see eachother sometime!

ForeverSarahLee said...

♥I love you Mom!♥

So I am totally over the whole lame birthday business. Just needed my little time to vent and feel sorry about it. But then Matt, my love, got me the new Kenny cd and I was all A-OK! :0)