Saturday, August 25, 2007

ok, ok...i really am still alive. but now you know why my blog is named what it is! i was recently told by a friend that if i didn't update my blog, she would no longer be able to be my friend!
well, i don't want to lose any friends over this, as i have so few to start with, (j/k)
i had oral surgery on friday the 13th (july) and am now considered an organ transplant recipient and can not donate blood for one entire year! go figure...who knew? i have actual cadaver bone powder transplanted in my gums. yum!

my father-in-law passed away on my birthday (july 15) and we made a quick trip to utah for the funeral. thanks to all who knew about this and sent their love and prayers to our family.

dad packard was 90 years old, square with god, and ready to go back home!

he has been saying for 25 years that he was ready to go whenever the good lord saw fit to take him ...said he had seen everything and done everything he had wanted to do. he was a great man and
will be missed by all who knew him, but
it is all good.

our little grandbaby, kaiti, had surgery a few weeks ago to correct her crossed eyes. we can finally see who she looks like and what a beautiful girl she truly is. it is so great to have her look right into your eyes and smile at you! melts my heart everytime!! she looks so much like her daddy, jake. you can take a peak at a few recent pictures (post-surgery, of course) at user id enter "jpsmiles2" and the password is "boop00" (that's the word "boop" followed by two zeros!).

we are so very busy at work right now, receiving tons of new product from the last industry show and gearing up for our huge september event "creative escape". this a three day event for 600+ women. guest speakers, classes, dinners, and all the fun and excitement that comes with it!

i have been on a reading binge as well...reading one book after another until i had to put myself on a reading restricted diet. no more books until i catch up on all my chores and responsibilities, i.e. my blog! so i have to get this entry done before i can start book #3 in the twilight series...eclipse. of course, my first challenge will be finding a copy! can you belive borders only received 100 copies in their first shipment, and now they can't get anymore until more are printed! what a rip! i even had a special order, but i will have to keep looking. maybe costco still has a few left. if you know where i can get a copy, let me know!

also, one book i read but did not like was the memory keeper's daughter. so unbelievable and depressing. no redemption until the final pages, and even then, not for the main character! read at your own risk.

enough rambling for now. i am going to go play around with my e-drive and see if i can figure out the whole putting photos on here thang.

have a good one...take care of you!


Jenn said...

I HEART YOU!!! We are friends forever still... I miss you lots! We need to get together for dinner and a movie sometime again or just hang out.

shabbyscrapper said...

i know, i know...and when/if we build our house, i am SOOO entertaining again! we used to have huge parties at our house all the time when we had a big house and i really do miss that. we are getting bids together to see if we can actually afford to do this...wish us luck. love you and miss you...what about the movie "no reservations"? have you seen it yet? maybe we could all go to that...

Laura Blue said...

ok... the comment above was supposed to be for jenn right? anyway... so proud of you for up dating. i'll show you have to put pics on here ANY time! and you have your work 1/2 done with them being on photobucket already... so it'll be a piece of cake. i love you and can't wait to make you a grandma X2! yay

miller care(y)t tops said...

whoa, i almost fell off this here chair! actually, i don't know why i even ever check your blog anymore, that's what i was thinking when i noticed you'd updated!! horray for you!!!! i guess it will be another year and another friend to threaten you with "unfriendship" before you post your next...

until then, it was good to read your new post and i can't wait to read that series about the vampires!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Wow... so that's what your life looks like from the outside. We've missed you in here though. Lol! I can't wait for your house and shin-digs together again too. I loved all the fun we'd have over at Fenimore... The good ol' days! :0)

And p.s. You don't NEED pics up on photobucket to post them on here. If you wanna just post them within your actual posts that is. Simple click on the photo icon on the top right when you're typing up your post and it will allow you to post a pic along w/it right then. It's super easy. No more excuses m'am!

Jenn said...

I want to see that movie. I am planning on taking Morgan to it but I'm sure would be willing to see it twice! Let me know. I am not doubling up on classes so I have time now to have a social life and we have sooo much to catch up on! Plus- I still want to see pics of Italy!!! xoxox

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Then don't read My Sister's Keeper either. It will make you ticked.

Julie said...

Yeah, you are back!!! That is so sad about your Ipod. I don't remember you telling me that. All those hours.... I just enjoyed another piece of that tasty bread, thanks again. You are so thoughful! See you and all those brown boxes in the morning! (I think we should not answer the back door tomorrow. what do you think? :))