Thursday, June 14, 2007

today i went to the airport to pick up richard. he has been in utah the past week visiting his parents and attending a class reunion. i drove there all by myself! and i didn't even get lost...i felt so grown up! as soon as we got home i ordered pizza to feed the missionaries. i always love to have the missionaries over...i truly believe that if i feed the servants of the lord, my own family will never go hungry! not to mention that they set a good example for my children and bring a spirit of peace into my home...go elders!

and who knows, maybe i will find another husband for another one of my daughters! j/k

i hope to figure out how to put pictures on this silly thing, but you know how it steps and patience. i am truly a computer dork. i work on a computer all day, but really have no idea what i am doing here.

jessica and austin have been in queen creek all week, and cody is rarely home (he's 18...need i say more), so this past week has been very quiet. i have even been home all alone a few with richard home, i guess the party's over. i really don't mind a little quiet time, ya's all good.

sarah moved out a week or so ago, so i took over half of the girls' bedroom for my scrapbook nook...don't you just love how that rhymes? anyway, it is great to actually be able to leave a project out while you are still working on it...and still be able to eat at the dinner table!

gotta go. maybe we can chat about my trip to europe next time. take care of you...goodnight!


Jenn said...

Yes- you seriously need to get the pics up of Italy! I am dying to see them. We will have to get together very soon so I can hear all the details.

By the way- you are doing great at this blogging thing. It's totally fun!

miller care(y)t tops said...

kitchen table scrapn': it's no wonder our hubbies hate this creative outlet! that comment made me laugh! home alone- that's gotta be different! cute blog! I can't wait to see PICTURES!!! :) LOL

angieinpink said...

love the brown with pink highlighted font are a great blogger already! can't wait to see pictures of your trip!! did you go to florence? i've always wanted to go there since i saw my favorite movie of all time, while you were sleeping. peace out girl!

ForeverSarahLee said...

Oh I am so glad you get that space now. Lol! I have to say, today was so much fun. I really do miss being creative and getting my hands on things. It is all so... good... I need that creative outlet in my life. And doing it with AWESOME people is even better! I can't wait for Escape! :0)